When the mind’s protective reaction to overwhelm returns to normal, the body’s response is also meant to normalize after the event. When this restorative process is thwarted, the effects of trauma become fixated and the person becomes traumatized.
— Peter Levine

Want to let it go but just can't?  Its easier said than done, right?  I understand.  I don't like to be told what to do either.  This is why I love The Trager Approach and The Resilience Toolkit.  These modalities initiate a conversation with the unconscious mind through the tissue of the body.  This down regulates the nervous system, which increases our capacity to integrate what is useful and release the rest.  I don't have to let anything go, it lets go of me!  I have processed and integrated a lot of my own developmental trauma, birth trauma and debilitating structural patterns, PLUS I have created a larger capacity for navigating this fast paced world as a working, single parent.  What was once a detriment to my health has become the impetus for my evolution and growth, resulting in higher consciousness and greater strength. 

We as a species have evolved from encountering trauma, not from avoiding it. Whether you are looking for tools to meet the demands of day to day life with more ease, or you are seeking relief from PTSD or aches and pains from chronic tension patterns in the body,  I encourage you to start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.  I am here to assist you, offer suggestions, cheer you on, listen, ask questions, witness and support you. 

Love and allow,

Terri Lynn M Fucile


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