The Resilience Toolkit

Acute or developmental trauma, as well as prolonged stress or anxiety, can create chronic muscular tension patterns in our bodies that have become so usual we don't even realize they are affecting our posture and health.  With this 3 part series, you will become more aware of where you hold tension in your body and learn to self regulate using The Resilience Toolkit to let go of that stress and old patterning.

The Resilience Toolkit is offered as a 3-part in-person workshop series.  It is designed for those ready to develop a stress reduction practice with professional support and guidance. Includes 3 sessions which explore the physical, mental, emotional, and relational effects of stress, and practical application of the practices in The Toolkit. Each session will include instruction, practice, reflection, and generous time for questions and discussion.

  • 75 minute sessions weekly for 3 weeks

  • $75 per person for entire series, includes The Resilience Toolkit Workbook

  • Open to ages 17 and up

Suitable for all body types and easily adaptable for any fitness level or mobility challenge. 

         Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention.  Registration is required to reserve your spot in class.


          Resilience Toolkit group session 3 Part Series at Begin Studio (Terri Lynn's office), 1119 E Victoria Ave, Suite 202

              Next series of classes begin Monday, November 4th. Register Here


Group sessions are also available for your work or community organization.  Contact me to enquire,