A very special thanks for sharing your experiences.


"Working with Terri Lynn and her practice has allowed me to fully connect with my body and vitality, blast through illusions that hold me back and come up with strategies to integrate the liberated energy into my life in a more graceful, harmonious and authentic way."

-Steven Fonso, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"After a long flight from Asia I had suffered terrible jet lag.  Exhaustion for a week.  After a 1 hour visit with Terri Lynn, I felt body balanced, clear minded and optimistic.  I had increased range of motion in my limbs but especially noticed it in my hips and lower back.  I discovered after one session, the parts of my body that I needed to start addressing with more regular activity and bodywork.  One session got me hooked.  I love being body aware!  Thanks Terri Lynn. :)"

-Brian Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"After several months overseas, I had been plagued with feelings of frustration, anxiety, and general depression. I had withdrawn far into myself as a coping mechanism, leaving myself in a state of disembodied autopilot. Upon coming home, I had a session with Terri Lynn, and she helped to bring me joyfully back into myself. Her playful, encouraging, honest approach to healing will be an incredible boon to your life, whether you're feeling down and out, or on top of the world. She helps navigate deep dark spaces, as well as helps to enhance the beauty and joy you're already experiencing.  My experience with Terri Lynn was shocking in the best way possible.  I've never felt as conscious and aware of my body, the energetic flow throughout and its connection to my awareness.  The templates that I acquired from our session have helped me enormously in navigating my own transformative life experiences."

- Matthew Spackman, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"Terri Lynn creates a very warm, safe, and open space in which to explore and express feelings, thoughts, and emotions. She has the ability to guide and encourage while following the pace and direction set by the client. My experience was very transformative and I was very grateful for the support in processing my experience in the following days."

- Alyson Gracey, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Prior to having my first Trager Experience with Terri Lynn, I was accustomed to the various common massage techniques (that have their own value). I found Terri Lynn's approach, with her Trager, to be very soothing. Typically when having body work done I would find myself almost bracing, waiting for the next dig in...this was much different. My comment was, 'it's the Yin of massage rather than the Yang'. I am a yoga instructor and my style has a Yang quality to it thus I need more Yin!  The gentle rocking almost like a baby in her arms allowed my very tight hips and sacrum to open up naturally...what a relief!  I could feel the blocked energy release along with an emotional response. I got some groove back in my step afterwards! I look forward to experiencing more of this gentle but profound work. Thank you."

- Teri Gyemi, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"For the past two years, my life has been improved and indeed blessed by the assistance of Terri Lynn Fucile. Any time I have faced a difficult choice, or just generally felt confused by life, I have contacted Terri Lynn. Using her years of training and professional dedication to Matrix Energetics, inevitably things would improve for me.  Best of all, Terri Lynn is a sensitive and eloquent practitioner. She both listens and questions exceptionally well. Her suggestions are never orders; instead they are options. Our sessions have resulted in several small miracles in my life. I heartily endorse Terri Lynn Fucile's practise."

- Hubert O'Hearn, Bangor, North Ireland

"Thanks again for all your help. It literally feels like I was given a new back/spine/musculature.  Normally by now, my muscles would be out of whack and the spine out of alignment = all is in perfect order!!!  No more residual guilt from the pastorate either!"

- M.B, Logansport, Indiana

"Amazing.  I learned a lot about my self.  I can see more clearly and I feel centered.  You helped to clear all of the things that were on my mind plus things I didn't even think about."

- Adam Skillings, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"I am impressed with the results of Trauma Released Process facilitated by Terri Lynn.  Her calm and supportive navigation through the session was wonderful.  I am free from neck tension that was part of my life for a many years!  I appreciate Terri Lynn’s dedication to not only help me but also guide me how can I help myself"

- Marcela Greer, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"The toolkit offers plenty of choice to maintain the integrity of its purpose while honoring the needs and preference of a diverse world."

- Kimberley Kaiser Stern