This is the kindest thing I have ever done for myself. Terri Lynn

When life asks more of you than you can handle, you’re stressed!

Financial responsibilities, health challenges, work or school deadlines, parenting, caregiving, and on and on and on. You are juggling too much and yet there is no end in sight. Being overstretched isn’t just uncomfortable; it leads to health problems, poor decision-making, and relationship difficulties.  All of these, in turn, lead to more stress. It’s a vicious cycle.

But when you have adequate resources and feel strong and capable, you can competently manage those same responsibilities with ease and fluid grace.


So how do you navigate from stress to success?

The Resilience Toolkit consists of a suite of easy to learn mindfulness and movement practices that provide an immediate and effective solution to stress. Different than yoga, meditation, working out, or counseling, The Resilience Toolkit teaches you how to self-regulate, rebalance, and activate your body's natural resilience. With independent practice, you are empowered to relieve stress, feel relaxed in your body, and reclaim your full potential.


Learning this unique system with certified professionals ensures your safety. With expert guidance, The Resilience Toolkit is personalized for your body type, physical abilities and mental and emotional comfort. You learn the latest science and practice developments. Ongoing skilled support helps you to develop a regular practice for deep, lasting positive change.

Benefits of the practices in The Resilience Toolkit include:

  • Release of chronic tension and emotional or physical trauma

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Less anxiety

  • Relief from body aches, including back pain, headaches, and TMJ

  • Enhanced ability to stay focused and connected

  • Improved sleep

  • Better mood

  • Greater mobility

The Resilience Toolkit is a simple and affordable process, proven effective in restoring the human spirit.

Private Session Fees: 

In Office: 75 minutes/$95.  Includes HST.    Book Now

Skype Session: 75 minutes / $95.  Includes HST     Book Now

Group Session Fee:

Resilience Toolkit Series: 75 minute group sessions (3 weeks) /$95 Includes HST    Register Now